Internship_TestFormula Education Pvt. Ltd.
1. Certification.
2. Recognition of your work & Confidence building.
3. Networking with Entrepreneurs/Professional who can guide you/Recommend you.
4. Practical exposure & Development of new skills.
5. Performance Incentive ( For Marketing)
6. Check our current site ( Launched May'2015) (May'2013) before applying. Marketplace and Mobile App is new launch where you would work with Senior team.
Which profile you prefer, you may mention more than 1 ? IT (Web) ,Content Manager, Blogger, Graphic Designer, Social Media SEO SMO , Video Editor, Offline Marketing (B2B) ,or any other (Please specify).
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Do you need a Mentor/Guide for the profile?
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Whether you want to do work from Office/ Home?
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Please Provide us "Name and Contact No. & Email ID" ? Contact no. would be good for a fast response.
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Internship period ( Eg. 1st June to Nth June)?
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Certainly we would give maximum Visibility of your work & Future recommendations & we would give performance incentive for sure (in marketing profile)+ An opportunity to be placed with us as full time but there are companies which can give you same options with some basic stipend then why you still prefer us?
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Your Course/year , College & Current Location Ex. BBA 2014-17, Second Year, SGND Khalsa College, Delhi
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