Mars/Venus Moral Dilemmas 6 (Women)
Monday May 22, 2017
6:00pm pst / 9:00pm est
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Mars/Venus: Moral Dilemmas 6 (5x05) 5/22/17

Episode 84 the topic: Which way to go left or right we will discuss several moral dilemmas and find out what our panel would do in these situations. Monday 5/22/17

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1." Unintentional Cradle Robber" I'm a 20 year old guy with a history of bad relationships.I just lost my girlfriend of 4 years less than 6 months ago, and now I've got another problem. I recently met a girl on the internet. She is wonderful. We have everything in common, After telling me she was 19 and letting me believe that for a month now, she revealed to me last night that she's only 16. And that she's in love with me. I'm apparently her first love, but just how genuine is that love? What should he do? *
2. "Status Update" You have been dating a person in a non-exclusive relationship. You are dating other people and so are they. The person you have been seeing comes to you and tells you that they have decided to become exclusive now. They are telling you that they can no longer go out with you. (they are being honest) So the 2 of you part your ways. Several months later you run into them again. You have a nice conversation with them and at the end of it they say they would like to start seeing you again. What do you do? *
3. “Divided Loyalty” You have two friends one male one female who are dating each other. You are close to them both equally you knew them separately before they met each other. You find out that one of them has been cheating on the other and got a STD from the affair. The person having the affair has not disclosed the affair or the STD. They swear that they have not been sleeping with each other since they got the STD (because of problems in the relationship) and they say that when they are ready they will disclose their health status. This person keeps putting it off. What do you do? *
4. “How I got to the top”You have met the Man/Woman of your dreams. You feel like this person is the one you hear wedding bells in your future. This person is a very successful business person and has moved up high in their company. One day your Man/Woman says they needs to tell you something and it may affect your relationship. They confess to you that the way they got their big promotion is that they slept with their boss. It was a one-time thing and it was many years ago.What do you do? *
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