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This form's entire purpose is to open your mind to some of the fantastic possibilities that your landscape has secretly possessed all along and to deepen your own understanding on what it is that you want for yourselves, your home, and your landscape. So please fill out all sections of this form to the best of your abilities and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to set up a free estimate and walk through of your property to assist you in further developing your landscape. We thank you for your interest and hope that we have the opportunity to work together with you in the near future to bring you your custom made and all inclusive landscape.
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Existing Property Conditions:
What do you like most about your garden?
What do you like least?
What is the single most important thing about your property that you would like to change?
Your Properties Water Source:
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Do you have any home remodeling changes planned (Interior or exterior painting, new additions, new roof, etc)?
Does a neighbor have any changes planned that might affect you?
How long do you intend to stay in your home?
When do you intend to use your landscape or when would you like to be able to use your landscape moving forward (Evenings, Weekends, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)?
Do you currently experience any privacy issues?
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Do you currently experience any security issues?
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Is your property currently experiencing any erosion or drainage issues?
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Do you have any plant allergy issues? Please list any and all plant allergies.
Are there any known problematic soil conditions (rocky, sandy, clay, diseases)?
Does your property experience heavy winds, frosts, excessive shade or excessive sun?
Please be able to locate underground utilities, septic, leach lines, drainage fields, and irrigation systems on your property when we arrive or be prepared for a locating service fee moving forward. *
Do you have a desired completion date (e.g. the infamous June wedding)?
If yes, what date?
New Landscaping:
What type of activities do you do (or want to do) and what types of areas are you looking to have installed in your landscape (play areas for children, bocce ball, badmitten court, an in-ground pool, spa, water fountain/s, a reading and relaxation area, gardening, bird-watching)?
Are you interested in an entertainment/dining area for your property?
Are there vehicular or pedestrian access considerations (walking paths, wheelchair, etc.)
What other elements would you like to incorporate?
Specialty gardens (e.g. vegetables, herbs, fruit orchard, rose garden, trellised berry garden, or woodland garden)?
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If Yes, please explain:
Patio, deck, pathways, or other paved areas (any paving preferences as well)
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Do you desire a new sod or hydro-seeded area?
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Are you interested in new structures (pergola, fencing, arbor, gazebo, sculptures)?
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Please explain if yes:
Are you interested in an outdoor kitchen, barbecue, or fire pit?
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Are you interested in utility areas (garbage bin covers, fire wood storage, tool shed/s, pet run, potting shed, greenhouse, composting area, extra parking)?
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If Yes, please explain:
Design Themes:
How would you like your garden to look? Please check one or more of the following:
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Country—Colorful, mixed borders, perennials, informal layout with winding rustic paths
Asian—Simple; mixed shrubs and ground cover, serene, shady, lots of green, perhaps a pond or other water feature, slate or bluestone paving
Formal—Symmetrical, clipped hedges, lawns, pergolas, paths, fountains
Contemporary—Architectural foliage, strong color contrasts, mass plantings
California Native—Mainly California native plants, gravel or mulch paths, natural/ wild
Mediterranean—Drought tolerant plantings… grasses, lavender, rockroses, olive trees, rosemary,
flagstone/limestone/gravel or decomposed granite paving, stone or stucco walls
Artificial—Various artificial turf styles and artificial plantings
Design Mood:
How would you like your garden to feel? Check all that apply:
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Plant Preferences:
Please list any plants that you must have in your garden:
And those that you would rather not see in your garden:
What flower colors are you fond of?
What flower colors do you particularly dislike?
Desired planting effect, if any:
Please select your anticipated budget for this project, keeping in mind that we have a minimum design and installation cost of $20,000 with the average cost falling between $20K & $200K: *
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