What's your EX Quit Date?
This information is collected in conjunction with http://excommunity.becomeanex.org solely for the purpose of Freedom Train daily celebrations of the milestones of BecomeAnEX members. Participation in Freedom Train activities is completely voluntary, though all fields will be required if you choose to participate.
Celebration of your QUIT Date
We're asking for your quit date so that we (the community) can help you celebrate milestones. Reaching these dates offers reminders of, and support for, the progress you have made toward becoming a healthier you. There are a number of people on the site who lead the effort to wish you well on those days. In order to assist the Train Conductors in this effort we're asking you to complete this simple form. If your quit date changes, please, come back and update the form. You should also update your quit date on the EX Plan Site (https://www.becomeanex.org/set-your-quit-date.php) as well. Once you edit it, please logout(https://excommunity.becomeanex.org/logout.jspa) and back in to update your quit date on the EX community.
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You can find your community username at https://excommunity.becomeanex.org/edit-profile!input.jspa. Look for the value next to Username:.
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Your profile link should look similar to: https://excommunity.becomeanex.org/people/username
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Please don't sign up until you have successfully quit.
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The EX Freedom Train Conductors

And remember: If You are not riding with US, You are missing The Train!

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