Application to Discuss Working With Dr. Toni 
Hi. I'm glad you're here. If you're considering working together, it must mean you've got big visions, big mission, are holding big things for yourself and/or lots of people and have a big desire for success to feel better and better! If that sounds like you, then you're in the right place!

  • Booking a speaking engagement (for a business, cause, team, community event, etc- packages vary)
  • Investing in 1:1  Professional leadership and lifestyle mentorship and consulting package (starting at $25k per year)
  • Tailor-made group/team consultation and mentoring work (packages vary)

In addition to the extensive personal experiences that I bring to the table, I've chosen to invest extensively in my own personal and professional development, including trainings and certification courses, so that I can provide the high quality of care that I value as a person and as a professional. Because I value quality care, I can only take on a limited number of clients at any given period of time. This allows me to serve you deeply, while also doing well to take care of myself, my family and other aspects of my life. For these reasons and others, please know that I am selective of who I choose to work with. I want this to be a life-changing and elevating experience for you; which means I want to be able to fully show up for you the way you need it AND in the way that I do best. 

Therefore, I do not currently have any active group offerings or direct support available on a smaller scale. If you'd like to explore the possibility of a one-off, single session, I may sometimes be able to accommodate based upon your needs and goals and our aligned availability. For self-paced courses or free and low ticket self-paced offerings, please visit and select the link that most speaks to what you're looking for.

This application is required to determine if and how I can best serve you. Please whitelist (or check your spam), otherwise you won't receive the email updates about your application. I will respond to your application within 2-4 business days.

If you'd like to learn more about me, check the "About" section below before completing this application.

Dr. Toni is a dedicated mom of 4, trauma-informed licensed and Brainspotting Certified psychotherapist, success and leadership mentor for parents, professionals and innovators, dynamic inspirational speaker and best selling author of The Reset, A High Achievers Guide to Freedom and Fulfillment. She helps the ambitious optimize their mental and spiritual health so they can feel more successful and connected in their relationships, careers and life direction. A leader in her field, she’s on a mission to revolutionize ourselves and our systems through her teachings on the intersection of the psychological, spiritual and socio-political.

Intro to Me, Video (15 min)-

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I am not conventional and I do not use cookie-cutter approaches. I believe that science, psychology and soul are all integral parts of enhancing our life satisfaction and success sustainably. I challenge my clients to explore various facets of themselves in various ways. Change can be uncomfortable, and so discomfort is always a part of the process at some point in our work together. Are you okay with that? Do you believe Dr. Toni would be a good fit for working with you? If so, please share how so. *
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