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A member of the NCHB may use this form to nominate a new guest to be invited to NCHB
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Sang with him in a quartet.
Listened to him sing in a quartet (close, not from audience).
Sang with him in a chorus.
Nominee has learned challenging arrangements, including Brigade-level pieces.
Nominee can read music and easily learns his part.
Nominee understands how his part should balance in a quartet.
Awareness of Nominee's vocal ability and quality. *
5 (Excellent)
4 (Good)
3 (Satisfactory)
2 (Fair)
1 (Poor)
Nominee has good tone and limited vibrato.
Nominee can sing beyond average range for his vocal part.
Nominee's vocal production is strong (not afraid to be heard but in balance).
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Other References for Nominee (if any)
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