2019 Music Ensemble attendance
Welcome back everyone,
Music ensembles will commence rehearsals in Week 2 of Term 1. Below is the list of ensembles offered at the College. Parents, if you would like to enrol your child in rehearsals, please indicate which ensemble they wish to attend. Attendance to ensembles requires a weekly commitment to rehearsals and regular practice at home.

Why should my child be involved in music ensembles?
Band - Like any team activity – perhaps even more so – band members must learn to play within and as part of the larger group. This commitment to teamwork, the discipline and dedication, the memorisation and mastery of an instrument – all combine to develop life skills that will help your child as he or she moves into adulthood and forms lasting relationships. Those skills also help us overcome professional and personal obstacles and hurdles, and to recognise the importance of working as part of a team.

The Music -Turns out human brains are wired for music and numerous studies have demonstrated that kids who learn music – sing, play an instrument, etc. – also are more adept at language, mathematics, and demonstrate higher verbal IQ scores. Music also is a great stress alleviator, reducing levels of depression and anxiety, which is especially important for teens. (And it’s not just for kids. Music is known to slow the brain’s aging process, help with sleep, and give the immune system a boost.)

We have a music uniform for boys and girls. Students involved in all music ensembles both in Primary and Secondary School will be required to purchase a uniform. These can be purchased through the uniform shop or on flexischools.

Thank you for your support of the Music Department. Myself and the other music teachers are looking forward to a great year.

Kind regards,
Miss Hilton
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