Parent Capacity Survey
Parent/Guardian Information
How much formal education have you had? (choose one) *
Have you ever tried to contact a teacher or administrator at SWOS? *
If YES, please continue with the next 3 questions, based on the LAST TIME you contacted a staff member.
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How did you make contact?
How satisfied were you with the interaction?
Please explain.
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How often do you discuss with your student(s) what she/he is doing at school? *
Who typically brings up the topic, you or the student?
What kinds of things do you talk about? (check all that apply)
How do you learn about school events and services or programs at SWOS? (check all that apply) *
SWOS provides services to its students' parents and family members through two different grant programs: 21st Century Community Learning Centers (Project Empower) and Expelled and At-Risk Student Services (Project Engage). In which of the following grant-funded opportunities have you or anyone else in your family participated through SWOS?
What is a major priority for your family, in terms of what your student(s) needs to work on in the coming year? (Example: behavior/social skills, attendance, academic achievement, motivation, substance abuse, etc.) *
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When are you available for phone calls and meetings at school? (days of week and times of day) *
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How do you prefer to be contacted by the school? *
Have you ever attended the following school events? (check all that apply)
Student Information
Why did your student(s) choose to enroll (or continue) at SWOS? (check all that apply) *
To your knowledge, has your student ever accessed the following resources at SWOS? (check all that apply)
Would you like to know more about any of the resources listed above?
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When your student misses school, whether it's all day or part of the day, what is the reason? (check all that apply) *
When these things happen, what is your strategy or back-up plan for dealing with it?
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Do you have a computer in your home? *
Do you have internet access in your home? *
Do you have access to a computer and/or internet access any place other than your home? (Example: relative's home, public library) *
Parent/Family Contribution
What is one thing you or your family can do to help the school? (Example: make sure student gets to school on time each morning.) *
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Do you have any skills you might like to share with the SWOS community? (Either professional or hobby, such as lead an after-school class, give presentation/workshop, class visits, help around campus, etc.)
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For "veteran" parents, would you be willing to act as a "buddy" to the parent(s) of a new SWOS student? *
Are you aware of ways you can volunteer at SWOS? (check all that you already know of)
Would you like to know more about volunteering at SWOS? *
SWOS Contribution
What can SWOS do differently or better to help your student(s) earn a diploma?
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What can SWOS do differently or better to help your student(s) acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for an entry-level job?
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What can SWOS do differently or better to help your student(s) prepare for post-secondary education?
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This year, SWOS mailed academic progress reports to parents/guardians 3-4 weeks into the fall and spring semesters. No progress reports were issued during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Intensives. Do you think the frequency of progress reports is *
How would you prefer to receive progress reports? *
SWOS has partnerships with several local organizations, which allows us to offer classes and services to parents and families for little or no cost. What classes or support do you think you (not your student) might use? (check all that apply)
This year SWOS offered a series of workshops for parents called "Engaging Families" that taught strategies for interacting positively with their adolescent students. The topics covered were: Effective Communication; Empathy (how the adolescent brain works); Effects of Substance Use on the Teen Brain; Mood Management; Problem Solving. What other topics would you like to see addressed?
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