Proposal for Live Performance at KISS2014
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Where do you currently live and/or do most of your work? (This information will be used to publicize the international scope of the event).
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If you work with The Collaboratory, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun, meet interesting new colleagues, and have a higher likelihood of getting your proposal accepted.
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For collaborator profiles, please see
Which sound engine would be required for the live performance? *
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This is to help us match you with the performers who have the right skills.
What is the approximate duration of your proposed performance? *
Due to the large number of live performance proposals, there is a 15 minute maximum duration for a piece to be considered for inclusion on an evening concert.
Please describe your proposal. *
Please provide a link to a performance of this work (or to other examples of your work). *
In what way is your proposal related to the theme "Organic Sound" and/or the city of Lübeck? *
For a more detailed description of the theme(s) please see:
Please describe how Kyma would be used in the performance. *
Where do you envision the placement of the laptop, Paca(rana) & audio interface? *
How many output channels? (We can provide 4 speakers) *
How many input channels are required? *
Does your proposal require the use of microphones? Please describe any special characteristics such as style (contact, instrument, vocal, etc), model, response, pattern, whether a pre-amp required, etc *
If the MHL does not have a mic that fits your requirements, we may have to request that you bring the microphone(s) with you for your performance.
Does your proposal include video projection? *
What format video signal could you provide? Please describe any other details about the required video setup. *
DVI, HDMI, VGA, SVGA, the preferred pixel resolution?
Do you require any tables, chairs, music stands, mic stands, stand lights, or other items? *
Please provide details on sizes, heights, etc.
Approximately how many square meters does your setup require on stage? *
Several setups may be placed on different parts of the stage at the same time for smoother transitions between performances.
How much time is required to physically set up your piece? *
How much time from when you walk in the door until all your equipment is set up & you are ready for a sound check?
What is the minimum time required for a sound and level check? (not rehearsal) *
Rehearsal time will be available during the afternoon Collaboratory, so the tech time is for checking input/output channel routing & levels only.
Please confirm that you can bring your own setup for the performance. *
In order to make it possible to run the Collaboratory & concert sound checks in parallel, we ask that you bring as much as possible of your own setup with you to Lübeck. Thank you for your help!
Please check the boxes to let us know that you've read and understood the constraints under which we're compelled to operate. Thanks! *
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