After the successful Round 1 in Rawalpindi and Round 2 in Islamabad with mass media coverage and Excellent Arrangements for Security and Medical Aid we with Collaboration with ISLAMABADIANS proudly announce ROUND 3, which will be held in RAWALPINDI and ISLAMABAD combined (starting from Rawalpindi and ending in Islamabad)

Revival of Cycling is a project by SilverLiners Club which focuses on our Agenda #2 (Empowering Youth both mentally and physically).

Please join us on our cycling campaign:

DATE: Sunday 31st March 2019
VENUE: Nawaz Sharif Park Murree Road, Rawalpindi
TIME: 3:30 PM

Revival of Cycling is a campaign focusing on the health and fitness of our people and the environment. The use of motor vehicles has increased in Pakistan causing health and environmental issues. We believe the use of cycling will help in shifting these issues.

- Registration fee of this round is 100 only (for those who have their own cycle)

SilverLiners Club will provide basic medical aid.

Some famous personalities are also invited.
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The Organisation will not be liable for any loss or damage to your cycle or belongings, action, claim, injury or death which may arise whilst participating during this event. The participant agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of riding from the distance chosen. The participant attends the event at their own risk.
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