Lawgen Survey 1 (2017)
This survey is for the lawgen project. If you need help, simply email with Subject line "Lawgen Survey 1"

It is important that you complete the ENTIRE survey. It will help make Lawgen happen.

If you want at the end it will ask if you are interested in particpating in the Closed Beta Group. I will save your email and send a introduction email on what that all will be.

Survey will be closed on 12/31/17

The survey will not only help me with building Lagen it helps me make a imaginary profile called a personna, these help with putting together the User interface and make it easier for each kinda user. There are all kinds of internet users, some do better with straight forward while others like minimal or everything.

By taking the survey you understand this is for closed use. Only myself and other board members will see the results.

This survey is very short. Really, it is just to get us started with a baisc idea of how it should look. More will come soon!

You can email and tell anthony to put you on the "Email List" and when a new survey comes around we will send it to you via email.

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