Introduction to Business
In addition to which ever route we take this semester, you will also have the opportunity to experience guest speakers in class and potentially take field trips to visit a variety of area businesses.
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What do you want to learn about this semester?
Rank each item from 1--don't do it at all to 3--do this for sure!! Please rank EACH ONE. They can all be ranked the same number...........There is a good chance we would use a combination of these ideas. It just depends on how your whole class scores each item below.
1 No--Not at all
2 Maybe
3 Yes--Let's do this for sure!!
Learn how to create effective Public Service Announcements and other digital videos in order to address issues in our school & community.
Learn about how to code in order to make games, mobile apps, etc.
Learn about the stock market & play a stock market game.
Learn about how to start your own business.
Learn about how to be a good digital citizen.
Learn about personal finance and how to manage & invest your own money.
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Do know anyone that would be willing to be a guest speaker in this class this semester? If so, please enter their name and what they would most likely speak about in the space below.
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Where do think would be a cool place to take a field trip for this class and why would that be a good place to go for this class?
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If you have a better idea of what we should learn about in the class this quarter, please explain it to me in the space provided.
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What questions or concerns do you have about this class? You can be real.
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