Share Our Table Resources Survey
This survey is to gather information about the educational resources available related to the goals of Work Group 3 (see below) including: nutrition, cooking, food safety, food budgeting, and gardening within the Share Our Table network. We want to know what is going on RIGHT NOW, that can be accessed by the public and/or other organizations in this collaborative. If your organization offers multiple programs or resources, you should complete this survey separately for each one. You can complete it as many times as needed to represent all of your organizations unique resources. (for example, if you organization runs two separate programs that operate differently, you should complete this survey twice, once for each resource)

GOAL: Community Members have knowledge and skills to grow, select, and prepare nutritious food to maximize resources.
1. Increase Demand for Healthy Food
2. Help Food Insecure Families Stretch Their Food Budgets
Name of Organization
Name of Resource/Project
Counties Served (list)
Description of Resource/Project
Is this resource for the public (individuals can access) or for partners or groups?
What is the desired audience for this resource? (Check all that apply)
Is this resource available all year long? If no, please list when it is available.
Please list the website where the public or partners can access this resource.
Please include any social media channels that share resources such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
Who is the contact person for this project?
How can this person be reached? Email address and/or phone number.
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