SIETAR Japan World Congress 2018 (August 8-11, 2018) Feedback Form
Dear SJWC 2018 Congress Participants,

Thank you once again for joining us for the 2018 SIETAR Japan World Congress. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to you for your flexibility, open-mindedness, and impressive adaptability to the changing circumstances. We really enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and learned so much from you. We were so pleased that many participants asked to be put on a mailing list so that they would be notified of future SIETAR Japan conferences! We would love to have you come back again and we, too, are looking forward to flying out to attend SIETAR conferences around the world. We hope that through strengthening our connections we have taken a step forward to overcoming uncertain times!

Please complete this by: September 5, 2018.


What are three things you liked most about the 2018 SIETAR Japan World Congress? 2018年度国際大会において特に良かったと思うことを3つあげていただますか?
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What did you like least about the 2018 SIETAR Japan World Congress?201 8年度国際大会において最も不満だった点を教えていただけますか?
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What can we do to make the next conference better? 今後の大会に向けて、改善点を教えていただけますか?
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I have attended the following number of SIETAR Japan annual conferences in the past. 今まで、SIETAR Japan年次大会を下記の回数参加しました。
Any other comments? その他、ご意見・ご要望・ご感想が何かございましたら、ご自由にご記入ください。
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