Student/Parent Chromebook Agreement
Braham Area Schools provides access to technology for educational purposes. Use of the Braham Area School District device is a valued resource for the Braham community. All devices must be used in support of the educational programs of the District. This access may be revoked at any time for abusive or inappropriate conduct related to the use of device.

Failure to comply with the District's Internet Acceptable Use And Safety Policy (#524), Bullying Prohibition Policy (#514), or the guidelines stated in this document for care and use of the device may result in the loss of privilege to take the device home or use the device in general.

The money collected through the School District Protection plan will be used to repair or replace devices as needed, as well as accessories necessary for general operation. The 1:1 technology device is the property of Braham Area Schools and as a result may be seized and reviewed at any time.

The student should have NO expectation of privacy of materials found on the school-issued device.
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Protection Options
- PERSONAL INSURANCE - proof of insurance must be provided.

Personal Insurance. Parents may choose to procure their own insurance at their own cost to protect the District provided Chromebook or similar electronic device in cases of theft, loss or accidental damage. Parents should consult their insurance agent about the availability of a personal insurance policy or a rider to an existing renter’s or homeowner’s policy. The replacement cost of the policy must be at least $300. If you choose this option, proof of insurance must be provided to the District annually on or before June 1 and/or before your student(s) are provided with a Chromebook.

- $50 PER YEAR

District provided coverage. Parents may purchase device protection through the District. District device protection will protect Chromebooks or a similar electronic device against theft or accidental damage due to an act of nature (i.e.: fire, flood, water, etc.). The District will require that a police report be submitted in cases of theft. Fraudulent reporting of theft will be turned over to the police for prosecution. A student making a false report will also be subject to disciplinary action as outlined by the school discipline code. This protection policy does not cover the loss of the Chromebook and/or its accessories, cosmetic damage, or damages caused by intentional misuse and abuse. The District will assess parents the cost for repair and/or replacement if the damage is determined not to be accidental, if the device is lost or if the damage or loss is otherwise not within the protection

Please contact Supt. Ken Gagner at if this is a financial hardship as a sliding fee scale may be available.


Parents who choose not to provide their student(s) with a personal electronic device or to obtain either personal insurance or insurance through the District must agree to pay for the repair or replacement of the Chromebook or similar electronic device and provide the District with an annual $300 refundable deposit. The full deposit, less the cost for repair or replacement, if applicable, will be returned when the Chromebook is returned to the District in proper working order.
Chromebook Student Pledge
● I will never leave my Chromebook unattended in an unsecured or unsupervised location.
● I will never loan out my Chromebook to other individuals.
● I will know where my Chromebook is at all times.
● I will keep my Chromebook clean of dust, crumbs, pet hair, etc.
● I will not spray or use wet cloths, or use any harsh chemicals to clean/disinfect my Chromebook as it will damage the device.
● I will charge my Chromebook’s battery to full capacity each night.
● I will use my Chromebook in ways that are appropriate for education.
● I will not disassemble any part of my Chromebook or attempt any repairs.
● I will file a police report in case of theft or damage caused by fire.
● I will report any problems with the device or damage to the device immediately to the technology office.
● I will not place decorations (stickers, markers, writing, etc.) on the Chromebook.
● I will keep food and beverages away from my Chromebook since they may cause damage to the device.
● I will protect my Chromebook by always carrying it in a secure manner to avoid damage.
● I understand that the Chromebook I am issued is subject to inspection at any time without notice and remains
the property of Braham School District #314.
● I agree to pay the full replacement cost of my Chromebook, power cord/charger, in the event that any of these
items are lost or intentionally damaged.
● I agree to return the Chromebook, power cord/charger in good working condition at the end of each school year.
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