Finatical Brand Ambassador Application
Are you passionate about fishing? Do you practice conservation and leave your fishing environment better than it was before you got there? Are you taking pics and creating video content to highlight your passion for fishing and sharing it with friends and followers? We are looking for people who love our products, love to fish, are passionate about sharing their fishing experiences with others, and are social media friendly!

As a brand ambassador, your job is to represent our brand in a professional, family friendly manner and ultimately help our company sell more product. You will play an active role in promoting our products through social media, blog posts, events, and more.

Brand Ambassadors Expectations :

-Promote the Finatical Fishing Gear Brand
-Like, Share, and Comment on our Social Media Posts
-You MUST Own some of our Products
-Use and Wear our Products
-Tell your Friends about Us
-Take Pictures of you fishing with our Gear and then share them with us

What are the Benefits?

-15% Discount on all Products
-Exclusive first look at new gear
-Exposure on our social medial platforms
-Build your Fishing Resume
-Occasional Freebies

What are the Requirements?

-Must use social media
-Must be an active angler
-Must make a minimum $20 purchase from our website within 7 days of your Brand Ambassador Offer. (This helps us sort out anglers who are NOT serious about the position. Brand Ambassadors are expected to own and fish with our products.)

So where do I sign up?

If you are Finatical about fishing then we want you on our team! Just fill out the application below with as much detail as possible. All applications will be reviewed and considered but not all will be accepted. Please allow up to 10 days for a response.

We are excited to have you as part of the Finatical Team!

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