LandIS Soilscapes Viewer - Beta Survey
We are seeking to capture the views and comments of the users of our new Soilscapes Viewer application. We are currently making both the new beta version and the original application available to users and would welcome your feedback on any improvements or changes we have made. We would be grateful if you could spend a few moments to complete this user survey. Don't forget to click 'submit' at the end, thank you.
General usability of the Soilscapes Viewer
How do you find using the current tool?
Very Poor
Very Good
To what extent do you find the interface user-friendly?
Does the application load quickly?
How easily were you able to find your area of interest? i.e. by Postcode or Grid Reference
Were you able to access the entire map and associated controls without having to scroll your browser window?
Have you previously used our original Soilscapes viewer?
Please indicate if you have previouly used the original version of our Soilscapes viewer web application
Which aspects do you think have been improved?
(if you have previously used the original Soilscapes viewer)
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Are there any features that you preferred in the original application?
(if you have previously used the original Soilscapes viewer)
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Please select which of the following devices you are likely to use the Soilscapes application on
How could the Soilscapes Viewer tool be improved
What features could be added or changed to the viewer?
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