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For all suggestions and questions please email We want to keep the data as clean as possible, so please pick the category for the type of job that is most like the job you did even if it is not a perfect match. If we are missing a category that should be added, please email us. Do not include any information that you do not want to be displayed publicly. No names. This includes the names of the people on staff in the art departments you're working with. We want everyone to feel safe when using this tool.
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If there was an agreed upon day rate or page rate, how much were you paid per day/page? Please Convert to USD & include whether it was a page or day rate e.g. $100 per page
For comics, graphic novels, children's books, reportage, or web articles, did you also write in addition to creating the art for this piece?
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Comics Qualifiers
If the submission is a cartooning job, please check all roles you were paid for, for this job.
Was the contract Work-For-Hire? A work for hire contract is when the company retains the copyright to the work you create.
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Were you paid?
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Were you paid within 30 days after sending the invoice?
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How far into your career were you at the time of this job?
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We've partnered with the Freelance Solidarity Project to share our rate information with their ongoing efforts at building a cross-discipline (i.e. writers, photographers, illustrators) database of rates for digital media companies that is free & accessible to all. Would you be OK with Litebox sharing this submission with them & contributing to cross-discipline worker solidarity within the digital media industry at large?
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Do you have any comments about the job you would like to share? Our survey can't nail all the nitty gritty details of each job so here's a great place to indicate page length if it was a book or comic. Time length if it was animation. How long the project took, whether an agent helped you get the job, if your role in the production was unique, the size of the publisher, or if there were any red flags or silver linings you encountered working with this client.
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