Northfield Shares Grant Application
Applications for 2020-2021 Grants are due by October 5, 2020.
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Is this application for the Share in Northfield's Future Fund grants? If yes, be sure to provide additional information as requested in the Budget section of this application. *
Proposal Information
Please complete the following questions about your project or program proposal including as much detail as possible.
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How does your project respond to a community need or opportunity? (100 word limit) *
Briefly describe your project including goals, population served, number of individuals, and expected impact. (250 word limit) *
How does your project encourage engagement of volunteers, stakeholders, and other organizations? Please be specific. (250 word limit) *
To what extent, if at all, has there been previous work on this project to date? (100 word limit) *
Does your organization view this work as short-term or ongoing? Please explain. (100 word limit) *
What are your future plans for the project and how will it be financially sustained? (100 word limit) *
Will your project generate or leverage other resources or funds? Please describe. (250 word limit) *
Proposal Budget
Please provide an itemized budget below for this proposal that lists funds currently available or that have been secured/applied for (i.e. supplies, personnel, etc.) to date.
Total Cost Expected *
Funds provided by your organization for this project *
Funds provided by "other" funding sources (Please include sources) *
Funding requested from Northfield Shares *
Is the above amount $5,000 or more? *
If yes, please submit via the following:
1) Organizational Annual Budget
2) Balance Sheet for 2020 – updated to current month or quarter
3) IRS 990 (if filed)
What factors are you using as criteria for success? (100 word limit) *
What is your plan for evaluation? What tools will be used? Who will be involved in the evaluation? (250 word limit) *
Please respond briefly to the following four questions:
What are the main coronavirus-related impacts on your general operations and programs currently? (e.g., Are you currently operating or suspended? What modifications are necessary? Impacts on target market?) *
How have your funding streams been affected (impacted/disrupted) in 2020? How, if at all, have you creatively reached past donors and/or attracted new resources during this time? *
How have social distancing and other safety measures impacted your operations? If they continue into 2021, how do you anticipate modifying operations? If operating, do you expect an increase or decrease in participation/demand/ability to deliver on your mission? *
How essential is Northfield Shares funding to keeping your organization and/or programs operating in the year ahead? What do you anticipate might happen if you were not awarded a grant from Northfield Shares this year? *
Upon approval of your grant and fund distribution, a midyear update and a final written impact report of the project including your evaluation will be expected. All unused funds will be returned to Northfield Shares.
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