GMCL2021 Team Registration
This form is for registration of your Men's open age teams and Women's and Girl's teams wishing to join the Greater Manchester Cricket League for the 2021 season. We will contact you for club details and contacts in due course. If you have any questions before the deadline please e-mail

If you are a club playing in another Saturday league and wish to join our Sunday Divisions for the first time, please choose "Club not Listed" below and enter the club name.

Entry to our Saturday competition is closed.
Club Full Formal Name *
If your club is not listed please go to end of this list and choose "Club Not Listed" and then add a note of th club name in the next section
If Club Not Listed, enter here
Teams to be entered
The deadline for entries is 15th November 2020
Which senior teams will be entering the GMCL competition *
1st & 2nd XI teams playing Sunday can only play in the Sunday Competition and not the regional or developmental divisions.
Sunday Competition
Sunday Regional
Sunday Developmental
Not Entering
1st XI
2nd XI
3rd XI
4th XI
5th XI
Do you plan to run a Women & Girls team in the 2021 season? *
If so please let us know your W&G cricket contact and we will ask Meg Fairclough who is the GMCL contact for Womens and Girls cricket to discuss with you on how to proceed. Meg is available to offer advice if your club is considering playing W&G cricket. You can contact Meg on
Women and Girls contact at the club
Please provide your contact's name , e-mail and telephone number
Your Name & Role at Club *
your E-Mail address *
This year we will send an acknowledgement within 48 hours
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Some questions for feedback
Whilst we have you we would be grateful if you would give a few opinions on behalf of your club as a simple survey to help us with planning and suggestions that have been sent to us. You dont have to answer but lots of responses will help our process
Teas in 2021
We have received a suggestion that teas should be scrapped in 2021 because it has saved clubs money in 2020 and it is unecessary for the game and commonly an unhealthy tradition. Can you make a selection based on thoughts on this at your club.
Overs in Matches
We have received a suggestion that we should retain the overs per game at the lower end of the Saturday competition at 40 per side as played in this shortened 2020 season but only apply this in future to Division 3 and below.. Top 4 Divisions will remain at 50, Division 2 at 45 (*Covid-pending)
Bowlers' Overs
We have received a suggestion that we should look to limit bowlers overs to 25% of overs available on a Saturday with the Sunday competition to remain at 20%.
If you wish to add any notes to this form please enter them here. If you have a question please e-mail
Thank you for submitting the information
Please do not enter details on another form unless your selections change. In the meantime if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us on
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