Urban Bees is a project to map A. dorsata nesting sites and estimate the population  size in Bangalore. Supported by Bangalore Apartments' Federation (BAF)
Studies have reported a decline of animal species across the globe. Although India monitors tigers and other big wild animal populations, very little is known about insects. One such under studied insect Apis dorsata or Rock bee is as important pollinator of crop and wild plants, thus playing an important role in our food security and ecosystem resilience. To understand the population dynamics of this species, we need to monitor them and systematically count the colonies. A good start would be to try to count and observe Apis dorsata colonies in our neighbourhood.

To be able to achieve this arduous task, we need your help and support! Please inform us if Apis dorsata colonies are nesting at your apartment building and how you manage living with them.

If you have come across these fascinating insects we would request you to help us monitor them by filling out  this google form. With the information collected here, we aim to prepare a map of Apis dorsata nesting sites in Bangalore (which of course will be shared with all of you). This project will allow us to understand if these wild bees are following the global trend of decline in populations.
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Confidentiality: Your survey answers will be stored in a password protected electronic format. Your privacy is utmost important for us; therefore, we will maintain your privacy during all the steps of data collection, analysis, result reporting and publication.

Contact: If you have questions at any time about the study, you may contact us via email: faq@beelabbangalore.org 

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