Title 1 Elementary Parent Survey
Your opinion is valued at Florence Elementary School. Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think. This information will help us plan family engagement activities for school.
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I feel welcome when I enter the school. *
The school schedules parent-teacher conferences when I can attend. *
I know what the School-Parent Compact is. *
Teachers regularly communicate with me. *
My calls, emails, or notes to school staff are answered promptly. *
I have access to the internet at home. *
My child's teacher asks me to share how my child learns best. *
I am familiar with the academic standards my child is expected to meet this year. *
I know what my child's level of academic achievement is *
I know what state and district tests my child is required to take. *
I know how to help my child with his/her homework. *
My child receives additional academic help when needed. *
I feel connected to what is going on at my child's school. *
The school offers me information about how I can help my help my child succeed in school. *
The school provides me with information about school and community program that continue learning after school or in the summer. *
The school asks families to help choose topics for family events. *
I have been encouraged to volunteer at school. *
Parents are involved in making decisions at our school. *
I feel knowledgeable about the Title 1 program. *
I feel my child has made adequate progress during this school year. *
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