Collo Proposal, Spring 2019 (UHS freshmen, FPA freshmen, PHCSS freshmen, and 1st year Midways do not need to complete this form.)
This is an effort to move some of the things you do for Collo from being an afterthought to being a forethought. The goal is to get you to think in advance about the kinds of the things you will do to get your Collo hours this semester. Ideally, these activities will fit with some larger goals you have for yourself, or tap into interests you have or want to cultivate. Please include something different from what you have proposed in the past.

Your proposal should include activities in at least three categories: (1)your volunteer hours (differs by program), (2) at least two hours of personal/professional/academic development/enhancement, and (3) at least two hours of Honors community building (attending honors events, or more generally, doing stuff with other honors students).

You will need to be signed into a Google account (any Google account will work) to fill out the form. If you don't have one, your old goldmail account should still work, or you can sign up for a new account using any current email address.

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You are required to volunteer a minimum number of hours (5 for UHS and Midway, 10 for FPA, 40 for PHCSS) throughout the semester. How many hours do you intend to volunteer this semester?
Do you know where you will volunteer? If so, please describe. If you do not know, please describe what kind of volunteer opportunities you would like to find? How might you go about finding those?
How do you intend to complete the remaining required hours for Collo? Be as specific as you can, but even if you can't be specific, discuss the kinds of things you would prefer to be doing for Collo. What kinds of things are you interested in doing or learning about or being more involved with? What kinds of things might you do this semester, outside of your other classes, to be a more interesting person?
How does your plan for the semester connect with larger goals and plans you have for yourself, your future, and/or your personal development?
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