U.S. Digital Response - matching state & local government with tech support

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* This is specifically for government needs and we will prioritize requests accordingly. If you're unsure, email us at info@usdigitalresponse.org *

U.S. Digital Response offers help for governments during this crisis. COVID-19 is already overwhelming the data, digital, and operational capacities of government and we have qualified people who can support.

We were founded by former U.S. Deputy CTOs who have run federal open data policies and programs and started up the U.S. Digital Service and other federal tech teams in addition to working in the tech industry. Our CEO is a senior engineering leader, most recently from Stripe and Facebook. Our fast-growing team is made up of technologists, public servants, and public interest technologists. We are all here to help government with rapid response to COVID-19.

We have recruited more than 2,500 highly qualified technology, data, and operations professionals to support state and local governments during this crisis. We are actively matching these mission-driven professionals to the needs of states, counties, cities, and federal agencies. Many of them can start immediately. If you work in government, and need top-notch, vetted help to get through the COVID-19 crisis, you’re in the right place.

Many of our volunteers have worked for the U.S. Digital Service, 18F, Code for America, or in federal, state or local government and are already well aware of the constraints of working with a bureaucracy. Respect for public service and public servants is a baseline requirement for all our volunteers, in addition to a drive to help.

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