Peoples Choice Awards
MonRiverGames is a voluntary organization registered in the state of West Virginia. As a community studio, it is dedicated to providing enriching experiences within game design and the arts for its members. Membership is composed of students, faculty, and alumni of the Interactive Design for Media program at West Virginia University.

Go to and view the content provided by each game developed in the spring semester. Keep in mind while viewing the material and playing the prototype that these are "prototype' games and not full games you typically see from large publishing game studios. When you are finished reviewing each, come back to this form and select the game that best fits each category.

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Which game had the best mechanic design? Mechanic design is the functional pieces that make the game work, in other words, how the play of the game feels. *
Which game had the best visual design? For this, you are evaluating the art and layout of the web pages, videos, prototype, and related visual content. *
Which game has the best music and sound design? For this, you are evaluating the foley as well as soundtracks of each game. *
Which game has the best story? *
Which game was your favorite overall? *
Please provide any additional feedback you may have. For example, ideas for improvement or identifying glitches. If you have found a glitch, make sure to be specific as to when and how it occurs. *
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Would you like to participate in game making during our Summer Session? This is open to anyone in the Morgantown area and is not tied to any course.
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