Sweet Evil - Blogger Application
Thank you for your interest in blogging for Sweet Evil. Please read the following rules before applying:

~Please do not apply if you cannot fulfill the following simple rules.

~You must include the Sweet Evil Logo on your blog linked to the correct in world location or Marketplace link.

~You must blog a Sweet Evil item at least once a month.
(I do check this and will remove you without notice if you do not do the minimum)

~You must send me the link of your posts either via IM or Notecard in world.

~When posting, make sure you can see the item you are blogging clearly. If for example you are blogging my Slink Nails....make sure you can see the nails. Or post a little picture of the HUD in the corner or something. If you can't see the item in the post, it will NOT COUNT.

~You must post correct dates and locations for items that are only at events.

~If accepted, I will contact you directly. I will add you to my blogger subscriber which will only send you items when you come online.

**If sometimes my stuff is a little too...slutty?...lol You can always use pasties, or layer with other things to cover up your naughty bits :)

**If you do not fulfill your one post a month, I will not chase after you. I will simply remove you from the group. I'm not a babysitter :P

~Add me on Flickr to tag me in posts and join my Flickr Group to add your photos to.

~Last thing is to add me on Facebook (If you have one) https://www.facebook.com/KelliFiranelli

~Not so bad right? Good luck <3

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I will contact you if chosen, Ok? :)
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