The Cay - Comprehension
1. Read the story on page 344-345 of the text.
2. Answer the following questions on your own.
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What is your ELA period?
What is the setting of the story?
Which details from the story tell you the setting?
Being blind and alone on an island is scary enough for Phillip, but which detail from the setting adds HORROR to the mood?
Which sentence shows that Phillip is optimistic in spite of his trouble?
Which of the following conclusions can you reasonably make about Phillip's character?
Use this image to answer the question below:
If you were arranging the events of the selection in chronological order, which of the following events would you place in the empty box above?
Phillip says he accomplished a lot, "even putting a new edge on Timothy's knife by honing it on coral." Honing probably means -
What does Phillip decide was the cause of the bird attack?
What conclusion can you draw about Stew Cat and the bird at the end of the story? Support your conclusion with evidence from the text.
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