Johnny Bravo 2021 Tryout Interest Form
To learn more about Johnny Bravo tryouts, please fill out the form below. We will follow all state and local guidelines surrounding COVID-19 safety precautions at tryouts and throughout the season.  We will gather interest here with the assumption that tryouts will start in late May once most, if not all, people have had the chance to be vaccinated.

While there is still some uncertainty as to what this season may look like, We wanted to get our prospective tryout schedule out as early as possible. Here's where we're at:
-Saturday May 29th we will have a one day open tryout for any and all who want to play high level ultimate again (and have an interest in Bravo!).
-Saturday June 5th will be a one day invite tryout.
-Sat/Sun June 12-13 will be a two day closed tryout, after which we’ll build our roster for the season.
-Sat/Sun June 19-20 is AYU Summer Solstice. Bravo will be participating in the Open division and we may invite a select few remaining tryouts to play with the us at our first summer tournament!

If you are a member of Bravo 2021, please expect to attend practice almost every weekend of the summer (a mix of 1-practice and 2-practice weekends, as well as some Tuesday night practices), ~4 tournaments + the series, and weekly team workouts.
As details continue to develop dates/times/locations may change; we will send updates out to everyone who expresses interest in Bravo 2021. Feel free to voice any concerns (COVID, logistical, financial etc.) at the bottom of this form. We don't want their to be any barriers to trying out to Johnny Bravo 2021. Thank you, and hope to see you at tryouts!

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Feel free to include any information you feel may be relevant to us. As a part of this, it could be helpful to include whether you generally play offense or defense, and whether you're primarily a cutter or a handler
What do you think you can bring to Bravo 2021? This can include on-field, off-field, strategic, cultural, or other areas that you excel or are looking to grow in. *
What does success look like for you this season? *
This could be outcome based, process based, or feelings based - how you want to feel during or after the season
Where will you be living? *
During the season (June - October) where will you live? If you're moving to the area during those months, please let us know the timelines for that.
Where are you at with your COVID Vaccine? *
Note: You do not need to come to tryouts until you are fully vaccinated, but just let us know via email (at a later date) or below in the "anything else" question so we know when to expect you
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