CCSC2019 - SPECIAL WORKSHOP in partnership with EFPSA and JESP
Registered Reports: Scientific Writing in Practice with Leonhard Volz and Eva Štrukelj

Over the past years, Registered Reports (RRs) have enjoyed
increasing relevance in the field of scientific publishing. Introduced
in 2013, RRs shift the peer-review process to before data collection and
analysis. Thus, they guarantee that the decision to publish is based on
the quality of the study’s design instead of the presence of significant
findings. This format is generally revered to combat issues plaguing
scientific literature, including p-hacking, cherry picking, and
publication bias. Besides the prevention of questionable research
practices (QRPs), the process of writing RRs proposes a structured
approach which facilitates comprehensive research planning at multiple
stages. The aim of this workshop is to briefly outline the
characteristics of RRs and to then practice scientific writing using the
unique aspects of RRs regarding hypothesis formulation and it’s
translation into methodological planning.

May 11th
exact time to be announced

WORKSHOP FEE: participation in collection for a local orphanage, help as much as you can, details will be sent out with the acceptance announcement
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