Tell a story at Sweatheart No. 4
The theme for our fourth show is "Heads or Tails". Make of it what you will.

Just two things:
—Your story must be true
—You must tell it in under 7 minutes

Both experienced storytellers and first-timers are welcome.

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Then send us your story by 3 January 2019 via the form below and we'll get back to you.
(We're happy to say that this is a paid gig!)

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Submit your story
For the synopsis of your story, we'd like the whole sequence of events, not just a two-line summary. We don't want cliffhangers either! We want the FULL story. A very loose example:

This is a story of my friends, Jack and Jill, who fell down a hill.

This is a story of my friends, Jack and Jill, who live on the outskirts of a majestic castle. One day, they are tasked to fetch a pail of water. Jack falls down and gets a concussion, and Jill, in her attempt to rescue Jack, tumbles down the hill. By sheer coincidence, their accident happens on the same day the King returns, and the royal party chances upon the injured Jack and Jill and rears to a halt. Surprised, the King steps out to find out what has happened and, upon discovering the pair, orders his men to help them. Many hours pass, and the King does not hear back from his men. What are they up to? Well, Jack and Jill lived to tell the tale. No one would believe what happened, but they swear by their story. “The King sent his horses,” Jack tells me. I believe Jack. He has the hoof mark on his forehead to prove it.

Write us a detailed synopsis of your story using the guidelines above. (OR: If you'd like feedback from us, send in the full text of your story as you plan to tell it on the night.) *
Upload an audio/video recording of you telling your story. (Optional, but recommended.)
We want a recording of your story itself, not a synopsis. If you send us a recording, we'll know what you sound like as a storyteller and be better able to fit you into the night's line-up. Your recording should be no longer than 7 minutes. Maximum file size: 100MB.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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