Ninja Academy Segmenting Student Application Form
Please fill out this form to register for Segmenting Academy. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If you know that exams, work projects or other personal demands will cause you to be away from Viki during the next month, we suggest that you wait until you return to enroll.
What is your VIKI username?
Please enter your username and NOT your full name. The image below shows where to find your username on your Viki profile.
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What is your "full name" as entered on your Viki profile?
Please enter the "full name" you use on Viki. The image below shows where to find your "full name" on your Viki profile.
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Please include the link to your Viki profile.
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What country do you live in?
Important for video selections.
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What languages are you fluent in?
Please list only languages that you can easily converse in.
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OPTIONAL: Are you interested in specializing in a specific language? If so, please indicate the language.
A Ninja Specialist is someone who has received extra training in a particular language and passed another video (in addition to the grad videos) in that language with 95% accuracy. Understanding the selected language is not necessary in order to specialize. If you are interested in specializing, please contact the Channel Manager at the end of the segmenting program. Note: You can specialize in a maximum of TWO languages.
Which browser do you typically use for Viki?
We recommend using Google Chrome for your training.
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