2016 Clarendon JBBP Walkathon Donation Form
Use this donation form to document your payment to support your friend, relative, neighbor, all around favorite elementary schooler. Funds raised are used for enrichment activities like art class, physical education, computer teachers, etc. Go to Square Up to donate online.

1. Complete this Google donation form.
2. Use the link at the end of the form (https://squareup.com/store/clarendon-jbbp) to make the actual online payment with a credit card via Square Up. The link will take you to the JBBP "storefront" where you will make the actual monetary donation using a credit card. *** Scroll down to find the Walkathon portion of the page. ***
3. After completing the online payment, submit this Google Donation form.

Remember, if you have made a "per lap" pledge, please wait until after the Walkathon to determine how much your donation will be.

Donations are tax deductible [Tax ID# 94-278393]. Thank you for your donation!!

Name of Student (please include first AND last name)
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Grade of Student
Amount of Donation
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