Boogie Madness 9 Summer Edition
The camp will take place in Lozenets Resort Bulgaria from 6th till 11th of August 2019. Information about the exact hours of the workshops, parties and everything will be available at the registration office on the spot. By completing the registration form you reserve your place for the chosen level. Within two days you will receive an email with detailed information and payment procedure.
After receiving the email you will have one week to pay the participation fee, otherwise the reservation will be considered invalid. You can pay €100 to reserve your place after registration and the other part of the price one month before the event. Changing the data or name of an already registered person is possible after paying the correction fee of €10.
Important! Every person has to fill in the registration form even if your roommate fill in your name.
In case you have any questions please contact the organizer:
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Ниво. Моля изберете нивото си внимателно спрямо вашите знания, а не спрямо времето, от което тренирате танци. В сайта на събитието има описания на всяко ниво;
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List your desired roommates, separated by comma. Fill in First and Last name. If you leave this field empty - you will have a random roomate. For every pass diferent from Full Pass you HAVE to fill this field. These people must also register for the camp!
Избройте хората с които искате да сте в стая, разделени със запетая. Моля попълнете име и фамилия на човека с когото искате да сте в стая. Ако оставите това поле празно, ще ви бъде разпределен човек за стаята на произволен принцип. За всеки пас различен от Full Pass, сте длъжни да посочите хората в стаята ви. Те също трябва да са регистрирани за кемпа.
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