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Urgent task to be done? Let me do it!
Protecting the spiritual environment of sentient beings is the core philosophy of Dharma Drum Mountain, and that mission cannot be achieved without contributions from our volunteers. Ven. Master Sheng Yen once said that each volunteer is like a bodhisattva who helps to build Dharma Drum Mountain as they embrace high end job and low lying task well, and always ready to take up work that no one does. We welcome all to join us now to support the daily maintenance of the Centre & all Dharma activities. Let us make great compassion vow, to serve all people and bene t both others and ourselves!

个人资料搜集/处理/利用同意书 Consent to Collect, Use and Disclose Personal Data
1. 为了推动佛法,取得您的姓名…等个人资料后,将以适当方式在法鼓山体系,持续给予关怀与服务。
2. 您可以要求查询、更正、删除,或停止利用个人资料。
3. 您可自由选择是否提供个人资料,若资料不完整,我们将无法提供完整的服务。
In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, we would like to inform you the followings and seek your agreement for Dharma Drum Singapore to collect, use and disclose your personal data:
1. To propagate Buddha teachings, we will contact you to provide care and services within Dharma Drum Mountain various sites, both local and overseas.
2. You can request to check, correct, delete and cease to use your personal data.
3. You can decide if you like to provide personal data. We will not be able to provide full service coverage if the data is incomplete.
姓 Surname *
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名 Given Name *
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性别 Gender *
出生年份 Year of Birth (yyyy)
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电邮 Email
电子邮箱。如有准确填写,您将收到报名完成确定函件。You should receive an auto reply email to acknowledge completion of this registration.
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手机 Mobile *
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除了电邮以外,下面哪个方式较方便与您联系?Other than email, which of the following messaging platform is preferred? *
我同意加入义工资讯平台。此平台只用于布达讯息,不做讨论用途。I agreed to join the volunteer group chat. This platform is only for information dissemination, not for discussion. *
我希望得到法鼓山新加坡护法会的活动讯息 I would like to be informed of the latest activities from Dharma Drum Singapore *
义工组别兴趣 Volunteer Groups Interest
可以复选 Multiple selection is allowed
控制车流量或驾驶接驳车,让交通运行更顺畅; 协助接送法师及贵宾。
以上的组别里,我最想优先服务是 From the above groups, my preferred choice is *
我们会尽量配置您最想服务的组别。不过在整体资源考量下,也可能会邀请您参加别的组。We will try our best to assign accordingly, but may need to place you in other group due to overall resource planning requirement.
相关资讯 Related information
请将可以、方便担任义工的时间勾选出來 Please indicate your preferred day/time slot *
由于表格格式的关系,无法来的那天请打“无”。Due to form formatting, please check "NA" for the day you can't.
上午 AM
下午 PM
无 NA
星期一 Mon
星期二 Tue
星期三 Wed
星期四 Thu
星期五 Fri
星期六 Sat
星期天 Sun
专长与兴趣 Expertise & Interest
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