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This is the course request form for students to select the classes they will need to take this year. Throughout the year, most students will be enrolled in 12 classes worth .5 credits each, for a total of 6.0 credits. If they complete these 12 classes, they can enroll in more classes and advance through their graduation credits more quickly. Please select only 8 classes at this time.

Each student will be enrolled into English 11. Students can choose between Math III, Mathematics of Personal Finance, and Mathematical Decision Making for Life. 10th grade students must take a math class, unless they have already fulfilled their math requirements. Students are then able to choose which additional classes they would like to take this year. They can select any classes they like, but remember they must compete all of the required courses for graduation at some point in their high school career. Classes are divided into sections with the number of credits required for graduation listed next to the section titles.

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Math 3.0 Required
11th grade student must enroll in Math III or Math for Personal Finance if they have not completed 3 years of Math credits. If a student completes more than the required math credits, additional credits will be elective credits. Math III is recommended for most college majors. Please select below which math classes you will take.
Math Classes
Language Art Choices 4.0 Required
11th grade students will be enrolled in English 11. The classes below are additional and can be taken as electives or used to fulfill the 4th year Language Arts Requirement. Each of these courses counts as .5 credits. Creative Writing, Dystopian Literature, Gothic Literature, The World in Short Stories and SCiFi/Fantasy Literature fulfill 12th grade Language Arts requirements. World Mythology fulfills a general elective requirement. Please select below any additional Language Arts classes you would like to take.
Language Arts Classes
Science 3.0 Required
Students must complete 2 foundation science courses. Foundation Science courses are Earth Systems, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. College bound students should take three; Biology, Physics and Chemistry. You must pass Math II before you can take Chemistry or Physics.

11th grade students can chooses between Earth Systems A&B, Biology A&B, Physics A&B or Chemistry A&B to count toward their foundation science credit. 11th grade students are not required to take science credits, but it is strongly encouraged. If you would like to take more science elective classes, they can count toward your 3rd year science credits or go toward your general electives. Please select any Science classes you would like to take.

Science Classes
Social Studies 3.0 Required
All students are required to take Geography A, World Civilizations, U.S. Government, Philosophy and U.S. History for a total of 3.0 credits. 11th grade students are encouraged to take U.S. History . If you would like to take more Social Studies courses they will fulfill elective credits. Please select below which social classes you would like to take.
Social Studies Classes
CTE 1.0 Required
Students will need to take 2 of these classes for a total of 1.0 credit. You may take more as general electives if you wish. Please select below any CTE classes you would like to take.
CTE Classes
Fine Arts 1.5 Required
All students need to complete 1.5 credits for Graduation. Any extra taken will count toward the general elective requirement. Please select below any Fine Arts classes you would like to take.
Fine Arts Classes
P.E. Heath Classes 2.0 Required
Participation Skills, Fitness for Life and Health are required for graduation. Another .5 credits PE credits can come from team sports at traditional high school, high school dance classes or by taking the Team Sports class listed below. 11th grade students are encouraged to take any P.E. or Health Class they have not already taken. You may only take one PE class at a time. If you select more than one P.E. Class, you will be scheduled into them in separate semesters. Please select any P.E./Health classes you would like to take.
P.E./Health Classes
Foreign Language 1.0
German, French and Spanish are available for students. AeA requires 1.0 credits of a single foreign language. If you have not already started studying a language you should begin this year. Select which language and level you would like to take.
Foreign Language
Other Requirements
There are a couple of other required classes. Computer Applications is a graduation requirement. This class is recommended if you have not already taken it. General Financial Literacy and Essential Career Skills are also required and must be taken in either 11th or 12th grade. Select below any other required classes you would like to take.
Other Required Classes
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