Admission Form For B.Com, BCA
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            I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I promise to abide by the regulations of the University and College authorities.
            I hereby agree to attend NSS/NCC/physical/cultural training prescribed by the college during the period of my study in the college.
            I promise that I do not indulge in any kind of ragging. I will abide by the rules of conduct and discipline of the college and will not do anything which will tarnish the fair name of the college. In case of misbehavior, my admission can be cancelled.
            I undertake to attend not less than 75% of the working period in each of the subjects as prescribed by the university. I shall not be eligible to appear for the Examination if I do not have the prescribed attendance in each subject.
            I am aware and agree that the fees paid to the college for admission will not be refunded in any cases, whether I do not join the course or discontinue my studies or expelled from the college for any reason.
            In case I discontinue my studies or been expelled from the college, I will pay the balance of college fees due before getting my transfer certificate and no objection certificate.
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                                                        DECLARATION BY THE PARENT/GUARDIAN
I have read the above rules and conditions for admission of my ward to this college. I shall be responsible for his/her payment of fees and charges. I shall be responsible for his/her good conduct and behaviour, attendance and discipline during the period of his/her stay in the college. I understand that promotion and admission to the next higher class is based on his/her performance in the previous year and not automatic. I assure that my ward will not indulge in any act which will tarnish the good image of the College. If he/she does so, he/she may be expelled from the College.

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