Business Analysis Questionnaire
Croydon Community Leaders is doing more to support our local Independent businesses. With your help we can bring greater awareness and support to Independent business owners. By filling in this questionnaire you will help us develop a clearer understanding of the factors that influence success of small and medium enterprises in Croydon.
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Please state your gender *
Name of business *
Address of business (if known) *
Are you the Business *
How long has the Business been open at your current location? *
How do you feel Brexit will affect your businesses future? *
How do you feel COVID-19 has impacted your business *
How would you describe the success of the Business *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
No opinion
The Business is very successful today
The Business has been profitable this year
The profits have increased over the last two years
The Business so far is not a success
In reference to the Businesses performance over the past 12 months what are you pleased with? *
Very pleased
Very unpleased
No opinion
Size of sales
Employee satisfaction
Customer satisfaction
Personal satisfaction
Career progress
Community support
Business image
Social Media
Based on your experience in running the business so far and the actual condition of the business; please indicate your opinion regarding each of the following statements: *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
No opinion
I have access to information on finance sources
I have reliable business network to run the business
The community support my Business
The Council does not provide any solid assistance to the company
Capital is not sufficient to maintain and expand the business.
I struggle with using Social Media
COVID-19 has impacted my business
How would you grade the quality of service offered to your business by the following institutions? *
Very satisfactory
Not satisfactory
Not very satisfactory
No opinion
Chamber of Commerce
With reference to your business, please evaluate the extent to which the following problems impact on your business success? *
Very challenging
Not very challenging
No opinion
Lack of market knowledge
High interest rates on bank loans
Social media
COVID-19 (lockdown)
Listed below are some factors that may contribute to your business’s success. How important you believe these factors are? *
Very important
Not important
Not very important
No opinion
Education of the entrepreneur
Previous work experience
Location of the business
Social media
Community support
What help would your business most benefit from to help after the impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns? *
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