Philly DSA Policy Proposal Application
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Briefly describe your proposed policy project (250 words). *
What is the general policy area for this project (e.g., climate, healthcare, housing, criminal justice, labor, good government)? *
How does this project advance the goals of our chapter (e.g., an issue campaign, vetting of candidates, direct action, public relations, recruitment)? *
What is the final work product? *
If this is informational or a white paper, please provide a brief outline, with the components of your proposal broken down.
What level of government will enact the proposed policy? *
How much time, how many people, and what types of meetings or events does this project require (200 words)?
What special skill sets or resources does this project require (e.g., lawyers/economists/statisticians; access to certain databases/libraries; copy editors/graphic designers)?
Please provide some sample citations that will appear in the final product (e.g., academic research, policy papers, news articles, issue campaign websites).
If this is a local or state policy, have other governments enacted a similar policy? Which governments? When did they enact it? What have been the results? How does your proposal differ? (500 words)
Who are the relevant organizations that might partner with Philly DSA on the project?
How does this project advance socialist politics?
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