Guided Discussions

We're excited for you to join us for our European Partner Summit on Wednesday, June 27 at the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin. As part of the program, you'll get the opportunity to participate in (3) 20 minute guided discussions. Please rank each session below in order of your preference by Monday, June 18.
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    Here are descriptions of the various guided discussions you can choose from. Scroll down to select your preferences and we'll do our best to match you!

    1] Optimizing Your Buyer Journey for Accelerated Conversions

    Led by: Diana Okoye, Director Buyer Experience - Germany Learn in more detail how you can integrate with the new RESTful API suite to enable guest checkout on your site, keep visitors in your ecosystem, and increase conversion rates. Join us to better understand the evolution of landing pages, how to best optimize for the buyer experience, and how the new Product-Based Commerce will help your buyers convert.

    2] New Integrations for Smarter Site Experiences

    Led by: Alec Loeb, Partner Innovation Specialist Explore how you can improve conversions through new integrations now available with eBay data and technology. We’ll talk through how eBay can share its user segments to help you make smarter site experiences, as well as provide a way to specifically target NoRBs for double commissions. We’ll also cover how you can monetize many of the high quality images already present on your site with little effort.

    3] Realize Your Revenue Potential with Experimentation

    Led by: Carlos Avello Martinez, Head of Global Partner Analytics Build your own unique competitive advantage and join our Top Tier of partners by participating in A/B experimentation with eBay. We’ll discuss how you can achieve higher confidence and put your company in a position to earn the best possible commission rates. Learn how much effort is needed from you, the most suitable test set up for your company, expected time frame and anything else you want to know from our experimentation team at the table.

    4] Emerging Technologies to Work Smart, Not Hard (& Earn More)

    Led by: Brian McGarvey, Director of Business Development Leverage our investment in AI and mobile to close more sales, faster with minimal effort using our evolving Smart Suite of solutions. Join us as we dig into new features and upcoming enhancements powered by retargeting, contextual recognition, mobile optimization, social sharing and more emerging technologies that continuously optimize your performance so you don’t have to.

    5, 6, 7] Regional Deep-Dives - Germany, United Kingdom or France, Italy & Spain

    5] DE Led by Dorota Townsend, DE Account Lead 6] UK Led by Hassan Zareh-Ourang, UK Account Lead 7] FRITES Led by Jose Lorenzo, FRITES Account Lead Discover the newest opportunities, latest insights and insider updates in your local region. Hear eBay’s 2018 strategy and game plan for each region, and learn how that benefits you directly from your local eBay Partnerships team lead. From exciting, upcoming initiatives to shifts in focus and buyer behavior- you’ll get the scoop on everything you need to know for success in your market.

    Please rank your preferences below. We'll do our best to get you into your most preferred discussions, if possible!

    1] Buy APIs & Product Based Experiences:
    2] New Integrations: Shop The Look, Adobe DMP & Smart Suite
    3] Growth Through Experimentation
    4] Emerging technology
    5] Regional Deep Dive - GERMANY
    6] Regional Deep Dive - UK
    7] Regional Deep Dive - FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN
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