Vulva casting session

In this session we have a discussion about your relationship with your genitals, you get to speak openly about your own story regarding your genitals, you get to ask any questions you’ve had about your vulva and vulvar health and if you'd like we can explore your unique anatomy together.

After this we cast your vulva. To make the cast we use alginate and plaster. The alginate is put on the skin while it's wet and will then dry in about 15 min to become consistent. The alginate is totally toxic free and easy on the skin (it's the same material dentists use to put in your mouth). You can choose to have this statue coloured or get it without colour and you can colour it yourself if you wish. You can choose between a smaller size that you can easily carry with you or hide away if you want to keep it for your own eyes only or a bigger statue if you'd like to admire it from your shelf.

You can choose to do the vulva casting session 1:1 with me, with a friend or with a small group. 

If you want to do this session together with someone else, please make sure that all participants have filled in their own form. 

The session lasts for about 2 hours.

Session prices are:

Big statue: 1 person 128€ and 2 people 226€ 

Small round statue: 1 person 108€ and 2 people 186€

Fill out this form to book your session and then wait for me to contact you. If you do not feel comfortable answering all the questions now, leave the section empty. 

Thank you for your interest! 

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Please let me know how you identify (gender, pronouns) and how you identify and name your genitals (if you already know).
Why would you like to do this exploration?
What supports you to feel safe in your body?
Can you identify how your boundaries feels like in your body and have you practiced voicing them to others? 
Is there anything specific I should know about? Any trauma or intense sensations that are present in your body or arise for you at times?
Can you describe your relationship to yourself, your body and your genitals?
How do you prefer me to contact you to agree on a suitable time for the session? Make sure you filled in your contact details above.  *
Do you have any questions, comments or concerns?
  •  I understand that Jenny works under ethical principles and under confidentiality. 
  • I consent to working with her methods knowing that my consent will be checked in with every step of the way.
  •  I understand that all touch during the session will be given only by my permission and is intended for the relaxation of my nervous system, awakening my body’s sensations, and releasing any stored tensions or blockages.
  • I understand that during all parts of all sessions, the facilitator will remain fully clothed at all times and all touch will be one-way from facilitator to client.
  • I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and I have no medical condition which would prevent my full participation in the session, and I will update practitioners on any changes in my health status.
  • I understand that this work is not psychotherapy or medical treatment. I will consult my medical doctor if I have any questions about my physical or mental health. 
  • I understand that the sessions are not therapy sessions. I understand that these are coaching sessions to support me in the right direction. If the practitioner feels that my current challenges/needs are beyond her expertise, I understand that she will suggest other forms of support for my well-being. 
  • I understand that Jenny works with adult (over 21 years old) vulva-owners only and I warrant that I can be identified as such. 
Printing my name below confirms I have read, understand and agree to the above statements.
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