Super Mario World future overworlds request

What is my Super Mario World hack name?
New Super Mario Classic (Graphite Edition)

What is purpose overworld?

What is an overworld style from my SMW hack?
New Super Mario Classic

What is an overworld resource from my SMW hack?
(e.g. Luigi Stardust Adventure)

How many exits from my SMW hack?

How many worlds from my SMW hack?

What is additional features from this overworld?
-Toad Houses
-Special World
-Connections to another worlds
-Star world

Mention the worlds list that you were known from this SMW hack!
World 1: Coffee Island (Brown Ground, Rocks, Palmtrees)
World 2: Lakeside Plains (Flowers, Trees, Hills)
World 3: Orange Desert (Canyon, Cactus)
World 4: Blaze Cavern (Lava, Cave)
World 5: Grove Mountain (Trees, Grass, Rocks, Flowers)
World 6: Earth Skyway (Clouds, Space)
World 7: Icicle Forest (Trees, Snow)
World 8: Clean Factory (Cities, Factories, Futuristic)
World 9: Crescent Heights (Dark, Haunted, Mountains)
Star World: Maze Town (Pipes, Towns)
Special World: White Black Zone (Abstract)

Mention the world contents for how make an overworld layout!
(e.g. World 1: 6 levels has mansion with yellow block switch on the submap)

What is description for make my overworld ideas?
Same as NSMC (Emerald) overworld styles, Have a custom music as NSMC soundtrack, High definition original SMW overworld graphics. This an overworld layout like Bowsette's Conquest 2.
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