MOM's 5 MINUTE QUIZ-02.19.18
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1. True or False: Using the new pricing and service levels of OnTarget, a local business may purchase a $300 OnTarget campaign geo-fencing 5 local competitors. *
2. True or False: A local business spending $3,000 with an OnTarget campaign may change creative weekly. *
3. Short answer: campaigns may now be targeted campaigns using Audience Segments. How many Audience Segments does GateHouse provide for campaigns? *
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4. Short answer: What is the cost of an Interscroller on StarNewsonline? *
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5. Short answer: What is the cost of a Sliding Billboard on *
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Bonus, multiple choice: Spring training starts Feb. 23, so baseball season is right around the corner. Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs is iconic for the ivy covered outfield wall. In what year was the ivy planted? *
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