Beyond Imagination: NTUAF Photography Exhibition for Oversea Students in NTU 臺大藝術季僑外生攝影展

The theme of this year, "L'imagination au Pouvoir," aims to inspire everyone’s imagination through art creating, to break through the inherent cognition with imagination, and to launch a micro-revolution in daily life for a better world. The photography exhibition “Beyond Imagination” hopes to invite oversea students in NTU to participate this event. Through their perspectives, they can overturn each other’s imagination by sharing the "myths that Taiwanese friends have for them", “ interesting things only in Taiwan" and "things to share with Taiwanese friends". We hope that through invitation of the photography exhibition “Beyond Imagination”, students from different countries and backgrounds can also be a part of NTU Art Festival, and have profounder exchanges with Taiwanese friends through photos.


本屆主題「想像力奪權」,旨在透過藝術激發你我的想像力,以想像力突破固有認知,為一個更好世界而展開生活中的微型革命。攝影展Beyond Imagination希望邀請校內的僑外生共襄盛舉,透過他們的視角,與台灣同學分享「台灣朋友對他們易有的迷思」、「台灣獨有的有趣事物」以及「可以跟台灣朋友分享的事物」,顛覆彼此想像力。我們期望透過Beyond Imagination的攝影展邀件,讓僑外生也能參與藝術季,並藉由照片與臺灣朋友有更深入的交流。


1. Myths that Taiwanese friends have for oversea students
2. Interesting things in Taiwan for oversea students
3. Things to share with Taiwanese friends



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