Stargate: Roleplaying Game Playtester Feedback Form
Playtesting is a critical role in game development. With your help, our goal is to make this Stargate: Roleplaying Game the very foundation of roleplaying. Please fill this form out as best as possible and thank you for making this a great game. All answers will be kept confidential and used for the purpose of improving the game.
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1.) What Beta Version are you running? *
(Please use the most recent version of the playtest beta core rules found on our website.)
2.) How many Players are you currently running for?
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3.) What level are your Players Characters currently at?
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4.1) Do you record the audio or video of your play sessions?
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4.2) If so, would you be willing to share these videos with Wyvern Gaming?
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5.1) Do you have any suggestions concerning the following game mechanics? *
Check all that apply, then add a description below in box 5.2
5.2) If yes, describe your Suggestion/Concerns. ( If you don't type anything below we will not know what your suggestion/concerns are. )
(Example: There are no elves in Stargate. How about you add a race based on the Nox that are nature lovers, live in trees, and have twigs in their hair. Maybe you can call them Aturen, like nature but move the "N" into the back.)
6.1) Do you have any suggestions concerning the following? *
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6.2) If yes, describe your Suggestion/Concerns
(Example: I translated the script on the side of the page and it is gibberish. I would suggest something like "Welcome to Stargate: Roleplaying Game. Let this book be your guide as you pass through the event horizon and on to other worlds.")
7.) Misspelling or grammar errors
Please submit the Chapter, page, error, and context followed by the suggested correction (Example: Chapter 5, page 4, misspelled word, "The Jaffa ate my samich", "The Jaffa ate my sandwich")
8.) Any other suggestions
For all Grammer, Spelling, and Layout errors. Please send a marked-up copy of the LATEST .pdf Core Rulebook to
Thanks for any and all feedback as this is very valuable in this stage of playtesting.
This form is dynamic and will likely change constantly over the course of playtesting.
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