Petition for ISC2 Board Membership
Having been a CISSP lo these many years now and having seen the ossification of the whole affair I think it's time to give ISC2 an psychic enema of sorts. We all complain about ISC2, the Ethics issues, the perceived uselessness of the cert to actually being knowledgeable in the field of INFOSEC etc. Well, you all know me, you know I am not afraid to say what I think no matter who is pisses off. Who better to stir things up in ISC2 huh? I implore you, vote for the "Four Horsemen of the Infosec Apocalypse" as Javvad so cleverly put it! Vote for me @Krypt3ia and then go locate the petitions for @gattaca and @indi303 and @jadedsecurity !! and vote for them too!
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