Platohedro residency 2020 - application form
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Deadline: January, 15th, 2020 11:59 p.m. Colombia (GMT-05)

Selected proposals will be announced on January, 30th, 2020

Residency Period: between March and November, 2020, according to the availability of the space and the resident.

Duration of residencies: maximum 30 days. There are no minimum days, but we recommend at least 15 days.



Since 2014 Platohedro structures the residency program and every year we receive national and international artists, creators, and cultural managers to experiment, research and project development.
Having as transversal lines the violence prevention, gender issues, the defense of the commons and the community, we work from alternative artistic and pedagogical approaches.
We receive around 15 national and international residents per year, who come to create, research and share knowledge that transits, crosses or hybridizes various practices of visual arts, technologies and / or free communication.

Each selected project receives local advice (extension devices such as cultural agenda and links with other projects and related agents), curatorial, pedagogical and / or technical support (according to the profile and needs), process documentation (according to the characteristics of the project) and support for materials (in the case of pedagogical residences).

The house

Platohedro’s headquarters is located near the downtown of Medellin, it is a two story 1950’s Art Deco House. It has two double bedrooms with shared bathroom, two extra bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, workspaces, production room, common area, space for presentation and mall format exhibition, documentation center, light and sound kits, projector and last but surely not least a beautiful community garden.

In the house various artistic and cultural activities are developed: meetings, meetings, workshops, study and work groups, events ... That is why the common spaces are shared and remain very active during the day and sometimes at night. Although each resident has a private room, they should take it into account if their project requires large periods of silence and / or loneliness.

For 2020 we offer two different residency types:

1) Pedagogical Residencies

>Includes experimentation processes and pedagogical activities oriented towards the following topics:

>Art & Technology (visual and sound experimentation, digital and analog technology appropriation, electronic recycling, creative programming, art & collaboratory science, bioart, others).

>Gender issues and hacker culture towards Well Living (self-care, micropolitics of gender and post-gender, information security, gardening, feeding, permaculture, body ecologies, ancestral knowledge, others)

>Violence prevention through expanded creativity in diverse ways (communication and media appropriation, content creation, radical imagination, games and videogames, cartography, design, others).

Note: Platohedro's pedagogical processes arise from the needs and interests of the participants of the different projects of the D-Formation. During the pedagogical advisory it is very important that the applicant has openness and flexibility to adapt their methodological and pedagogical proposals to the context. For more information visit

2) Research residencies

Includes reflection, research and artistic creation processes in resonance with the following lines:

>Art and thought: manifestations and artistic practices of various disciplines (transdisciplinary, hybrid and / or experimental), alternative cultural management, critical curatorship, archives activation, decolonial practices and theories and epistemologies of the south.

>Good Living: micropolitics and sustainability strategies for the common good, methodologies for collaborative work, gender and post-gender (feminism, transfeminism, queer / cuir, body, women, LGBTI)

>Free and Shared Communication: hacking and appropriation of analog and digital technologies, sound and audiovisual experimentation, free software, free culture.

>D-Formation: alternative, radical, critical and / or participatory pedagogies. DIY (Do It Yourself), DIWO (Do It With Others), P2P (Peer to Peer), exchange yours for mines.

The cost of the residency is USD 23 per day

-Free access to kitchen and common spaces of the house
-Workspace for residents
-Advisory and networking (we have a broad network of collectives, institutions and projects at a local, national and international level)
-Curatorial, pedagogical and/or technical advisory (according to the profile and needs of each project)
-Materials for pedagogical activities (with previous agreement from Platohedro).
-Divulgation of activities and artist directory inclusion
-Documentation and audiovisual coverage of activities developed in Platohedro (photo, audio and/or video or text, according to each project needs)
-Access to Platoteca - Alternative Documentation Center, as a source of research of digital and print materials and space for archive activation. For more information, please check:

-The artists should manage by their own means or with the complement of grants and other resources for the accommodation, maintenance, travel expenses and local transport.
-In case your proposal is selected Platohedro will prepare an invitation letter and, whenever possible, we will provide you with support to obtain information about travel grants and other sources of financing according to the country of your residence.

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