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Sharing personal stories about what grief is really like helps people know that their grief is normal (even when it might feel strange).

From wearing your person’s clothes to resenting other people for having a good time, grief creates so many odd experiences. Maybe there are things you can’t or don’t do anymore since your loss. Maybe certain things bug you now that never used to (like all those #soblessed photos on instagram!). Or maybe you’ve picked up new habits like wearing noise cancelling headphones while grocery shopping so you don’t have to hear the sad, depressing songs they seem to play everywhere. You name it, odds are there are other grieving people experiencing it. Each time we name something as normal - each time we say “so this happened,” - someone else feels less alone.

So what’s your “odd” thing? Add your personal little quirks, behaviors, and realizations to our growing list of all things #perfectlynormal. Your story can help others!

What should you share?

1. Do you wonder if something YOU do is normal? That’s the PERFECT thing to add to our list! If you’re not sure you’re normal, we bet lots of other people struggle with that themselves. This is your chance to find out where your grief quirks land on the it’s-all-normal scale.

2. If you read the examples above and knew exactly what you’d share, add them here! Grief-related behaviors, reactions, personality changes, relational challenges - you name it, we want to hear it.

3. You could also share what you want people to know about the reality of grief. For example, if we say, “You should know that grief makes me……” How would you fill in the blank?
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