2021 Update: Covid-19 and Phoenix/Arizona Mixed Ultimate
Hello, Phoenix/Arizona Ultimate Community!

The committee is back and ready to plan and prepare for the upcoming 2021 Club Season. Last month, USA Ultimate released its updated Return to Play Guidelines (https://usaultimate.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Return-to-Play-Guidance-v.2-FINAL.pdf) through a February 19 news release: https://usaultimate.org/news/2021/02/updated-covid-19-return-to-play-guidelines/.

Additionally, USAU just released its proposal for the 2021 season schedules/details, including dates for the Triple Crown Tour. Current club players also received an email from USAU with additional details. Here is the link to the March 9th article: https://usaultimate.org/news/2021/03/2021-season-updates-triple-crown-tour-schedule-announced/#club. Also located in this release is a list of FAQs: https://usaultimate.org/club/2021-club-season-faq/.

While we understand that a lot is in flux right now, the committee would like you all to know that we do have the capacity to plan for a multi-team system. We are ready to do the work for this multi-team system, but we are also ready to be flexible and adaptable to change as we all have done in the last year.

As a reminder, here is the 2020 updated proposal, which included feedback from both the town hall and survey: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d6j2YANtKBJuKtF4S6SWMEyogPoM9lwF-XIleJHhLIE/edit?usp=sharing.

You’ve likely been thinking about this a lot and have some ideas of your own. Please take a minute to fill this survey out by Tuesday, March 16. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at azmixedultimate@gmail.com.
Are you planning to play Club ultimate this summer? *
If you answered, "Yes" or "Probably Yes" to the question above, what does your participation look like?
Given our current challenges, what ultimate-related experiences are you looking for in the 2021 club ultimate season? *
Examples: See friends; see friends and throw a disc; see friends and play mini; play in regional tournaments; compete in the USA Ultimate Club Series
I will play club ultimate in 2021 when: *
I will absolutely not show up until everything is back to normal
My risk tolerance is high, and I will show up to anything whenever you schedule it
Keeping in mind the current vaccine timeline, would you participate in a club season beginning in June 2021? *
How likely would you show up to a tryout on May 21 -22 (Fri/Sat)? We will be following safety protocols outlined in USA Ultimate's Return to Play Guidelines. *
I will absolutely not show up until everything is back to normal
My risk tolerance is high, and I will show up to anything whenever you schedule it
What would you require to feel safe playing ultimate? *
Examples: Smaller group play (mini, goaltimate), implementing sanitary measures, etc.
Are there any precautions you would like to suggest to prevent Covid risk at a tryout? *
Examples: Maintain social distancing, sanitize discs regularly, masks etc...
Anything else you would like to let the committee know or consider?
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