KIME - Tour 2021
*A contemporary circus performance about climate psychology and the beauty in nature.*

If your school is interested in hosting KIME/ invite KIME in your town / visit KIME please fill this form.
You can fill it in English or in Danish. Du kan også kontakte os på dansk

We are an International Nordic team of climate change artists and producers and we are looking forward to working with you!
More info:
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School name - Skole navn *
Teacher or person in contact - Lærer og rektor *
Contact information (email preferred / or telephone number) - Kontaktoplysninger (e-mail eller telefon) *
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The show is on tour from 19.11 until 05.12.2021 in Denmark. Any preferences in terms of dates? Forestillingen er på turné fra 19.11 til 05.12.2021 Har du nogen præferencer med hensyn til datoer?
If your school is located in the Faroe Island please state here when you would like to host us / visit our performance (KIME will be available in the Faroe Island in 2022)
If you want to invite the show in your school, please tell us in which space you want us to play / Hvis du ønsker at invitere udstillingen på din skole, så beskriv dit sted
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