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I have listed ALL my known medical conditions, physical limitations, and medications. I will inform my therapist of any changes in my physical health or medications. I understand that a licensed massage therapist does not diagnose illness, disease, or any other medical, physical or psychological disorder, nor performs any spinal manipulations. I am responsible for consulting a qualified physician for any problems that I have. I agree to pay for all services at the time they are rendered, unless prior arrangements have been made. CANCELLATIONS and MISSED APPOINTMENTS: Unless you are ill or have an emergency, we require 24 hr. notice for any schedule changes, or you may be responsible for the full session fee. We cannot do bodywork sessions if you are sick. If there is a question, please call. I understand the information contained herein is privileged and confidential. I authorize the release of any information pertaining to my health to my attorney, insurance company, or referring physician / therapist. *
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